Well it’s finally here. Took longer than I anticipated, but that’s mostly because of budget constraints. I finally got around to ordering it on 7/20/2012, and it arrived in about 2 weeks. Not at all unreasonable, considering it shipped all the way from Shenzhen China. In my original post,
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I haven’t posted anything on it (yet), but following some work I did on Silvia, I took on the task of rehabilitating my girlfriend’s old Dell Inspiron 1150, which was a mess to say the least: missing keys, a broken headphone jack, dead speakers, and a decapitated display. I did my best to bring it back from the grave but sadly it’s still a mute (speakers still dead). It does run with a tad bit more pep, and sports a few new coats of paint. My biggest triumph was repairing the headphone jack. Out of that project I acquired an extra LCD screen because, as it turned out, all I needed was a new converter cable, hinges, and cosmetic plastic covers to fix the display. The ill fated replacement was also the wrong size at 15″, though somewhat compatible (eBay burn). That extra screen has been sitting in “the workshop” dreaming of a day it would once again have purpose. Welp, it seems that day has finally come. Read the rest of this entry »

—Silvia (part one)…

December 21, 2011

My very first computer was a Dell Inspiron 600m laptop which I affectionately named Silvia for somewhat obvious reasons. It had a 30GB hard drive, the then spanking new “Centrino” chipset (a 1.3GHz Pentium M processor combined with an Intel wireless card for power efficiency), and a whopping 384MB of RAM. I was so pleased with my acquisition. It was thin for its time and I really liked its shape. The grey on grey plastic with silver lettering and blue accents. The removable optical drive which could be swapped for other components (I also got a floppy drive). Sure it only had 2 USB ports but who cared? I finally had a computer to call my own. It worked great for less than a year, then the power button started acting up, media keys died, fan clogged eventually causing the hard to drive to overheat… Well, this might have been the end, but it actually posed several challenges for me to overcome and learn from. And with the internet, that Dell service manual, and a screwdriver set from Radio Shack Read the rest of this entry »

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