—Things fall apart…

August 8, 2013

Sisko facepalm

—I took a sip, ascended the grey couch throne with my Samsung Galaxy SII, and rested my cup. (I of course used a coaster, less I leave any rings on my coffee table.) Hitting the volume button on the TV, catching up with one of my shows, I found myself browsing Google Play for app updates to feed my little Tamagotchi. “Trulia” I believe it was. Casually placing her on the coffee table without a care in the world, I sunk back into the cushions warm in the knowledge that my technological companion was improving upon itself. Evolving, if you will, as is our nightly routine.

She closed her eyes as she reached her back-light timeout, then lit up her status lights (a cry for help perhaps?). I glanced at her, groaning that this was possibly some mundane social media update impeding my solace. But she wasn’t blinking as usual, in fact her lights remained lit. “How strange”, I thought, picking her up and cradling her in my palm. I hit the power button to wake her but she would not be roused. “Is she frozen in agony?” I thought. Perhaps I should leave her be, if I just give her enough time she’ll kick this little fit. But as time went by I grew panicked. “Come on Sam, you can do this. Just perform a memory dump and reset yourself like you know how”. But reset she did not. I decided to act, surely a reboot would make her right as rain. I held down her power button and did a 5 count. The screen flashed briefly and let out a sound, I could have sworn it was a screech. Her lights went black, I took a breath, soon I would see the CyanogenMod splash screen as she booted up. But it never came. Did the battery die? I could have sworn she had about 70% in the tank. I plugged in her USB umbilical cord and waited… and waited. No response. I tried the power button again. No response. A sinking feeling came over me as I began to realize something was very wrong.

The ROM’s probably corrupted, I thought. I frowned at the prospect of having to flash a new one, especially since before I did so I’d have to sort out my computer woes (Trinity’s down for repairs, how convenient). But I knew what had to be done. Pushing the power, volume up, and volume down buttons simultaneously (to place her in download mode) I was stunned when nothing happened. How could this be? She’s worked fine for like a year. Could she really be dead? I tried to power her on over and over, perhaps in moment of madness. Ultimately I came to grips with the fact that she was bricked, and that it was unlikely I’d be able to bring her back to life.

To be continued…



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