—Followup: Repurposing an old laptop LCD screen as a 2nd monitor for Trinity

December 30, 2012

Repurposed Monitor

Just wanted to pop in and post a quick update to my little repurposed laptop LCD screen project. Quite frankly I’ve become disillusioned with this whole “blogging thing” in general, and so I’ve changed the motivation behind it. But enough of that, here’s what’s going on:

With Trinity situated in the TV stand hooked up via HDMI, it really limited her to entertainment duty, and considering the money I spent on these parts it just wasn’t maximizing her potential. I needed to upgrade her to desktop duty, and so clearly I needed to make this work.

In earlier posts I talked about where to get the parts and little about putting it together, but without a proper stand it just wasn’t functional enough to put this screen to use. As a thumb in the eye to one of my old studio professors, I finally had the idea to craft one out of corrugated cardboard. It’s a sturdy, lightweight, and truly beautiful material if you look closely. As a project at another school we actually crafted a chair that could support our own weight out of this stuff with no glue of fasteners, just folds and notches. Anyway, after some measuring and fiddling I think I came up with something that looks quite nice.

The only lingering loose end is finding a way to mount the menu buttons. They have an oddly positioned wire connector which I solved by removing it altogether and soldering the wires directly on the backside of the PCB. Should make it much easier to flush mount it to something. Pretty sure I’ll be making many revisions as I get the fit right. At first I didn’t want anything too fancy but this is looking better than I thought it would. I especially like the soft glow it emits from the back. It helps a bit when typing in the dark.

I’m really impressed with how well this works and I’m almost tempted to scrounge around for some more old laptops to harvest their screens. One more thing to add, I had some trouble getting the DVI port to work, but after some Googling about the MANY DVI standards I discovered I was using the wrong cable. A dual or single link DVI-I cable works best I’ve found.

Until I care enough to post again,



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