—Update: Repurposing an old laptop LCD screen as a 2nd monitor for Trinity

August 9, 2012

Well it’s finally here. Took longer than I anticipated, but that’s mostly because of budget constraints. I finally got around to ordering it on 7/20/2012, and it arrived in about 2 weeks. Not at all unreasonable, considering it shipped all the way from Shenzhen China. In my original post,

I was interested in the base model which would give you basic VGA input for about $30, but after some consideration I thought it might be safer to go with a model that included DVI as well. I was afraid Apple’s pretentious operating system didn’t support VGA’s “outdated” analogue standard, so for about $9 more I went with this model instead. (Turns out I didn’t need to, as you can use VGA on a Hackintosh provided you have a graphics card)

What we have on the table here is a spare 15″ XGA LCD screen for a gracefully aging Dell Inspiron 1150, with a native resolution of 1,024×768 pixels. Coincidentally, it’s manufactured by Samsung, bringing my household Samsung product count up to 6. Insidious aren’t they? The kit includes the controller board, inverter, menu keypad, and audio cable. When ordering, make sure your LCD model is on their list of supported ones, and shoot them a message with your model number. They do the matching and programming for you. The power adapter is an additional $7.50, but not necessary as 12V adapters are pretty common (just make sure the amperage is 4A). Setup is pretty straightforward, since it comes pre-assembled. Just remove the old inverter and LVDS cable, and swap them for the ones in the kit. Mine works very well in both Windows and OS X. As you can see it’s hooked up via VGA. Thinking of how I can make the presentation a little prettier, but this all I have for now.

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