—Return of the Mac!

June 19, 2012

Okay so we’re back in business. Trinity‘s roaring again. Fiddling with it after a long weekend, it turns out I was using the wrong HDMI port (doh). Once I switched to the HDMI port 1(?), below the VGA port, I was able to boot into Lion. That was a close one. The penalties of trying out the latest updates early on.  It was a serious headache reading through Toleda’s guide especially with so many recent updates and changes, but I learned quite a bit in the process. Here are Toleda’s Guides on the matter (& update). They taught me how high-definition sound is handled in OS X and how to do future edits on my own. This should come in handy when my new graphics card arrives (well first I have to choose one). HDMI audio works as before, as well as line-in (mic), line-out, headphones, and I’m told optical 7.1 surround sound, though I have nothing to test it with (yet).

If you’re using one of Tony’s supported systems, and this seems like too much of a project, you can always use his pre-edited files and save yourself some trouble (but where’s the fun in that?). Simply use the appropriate DSDT for your motherboard with HDMI audio edits, and in MultiBeast select: Drivers & Bootloaders/Kexts & Enablers/Audio/Realtek ALC8xx/Patched AppleHDA/ALC889.

As of writing, Trinity’s running OS X Lion 10.7.4 with no HDCP support being the only lingering problem. The graphics card I decide on should eliminate this, but I want to be sure I make the right choice for the buck. I’m looking for something that’s HDCP compliant (obviously), single slot (only have one PCIe slot), works well with OS X & Windows 7 (Linux shouldn’t be a problem), medium to low power, and is low profile. I recently tried an MSI NVIDIA GeForce 210 N210-MD1G/D3 . Worked fine, but it didn’t beat the onboard Intel HD 3000 integrated graphics performance. In Windows my Experience Index actually went *down* to 4.4 from 5.8. My other 2 candidates are the ATI Radeon HD 5570 and the Nvidia Geforce GT 430. What I choose I’ll let you know.

—”Baby now I got the flow”


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