—A “Brief” Note on Switching to Mac, from a (former) Windows Guy.

February 8, 2012

I have to say, in all my years of conflict with Apple, the designer/technophile in me feels a connection to their hardware. Just look at any of iFixit’s teardowns of late, and you can see how chaos is brought to order. No it’s not the products I have a problem with, just the company’s stance on certain things, and the way they slant information to the not so savvy in order to benefit their public appeal. I also grew to hate fanboy-ism, which… seems to be an Apple thing. (Seriously get a life)

Growing up, my biggest Apple repellent was incompatibility. It really wasn’t a choice. It just so happened that I was born into a world/region that used Windows. So naturally, that’s what I got used to. And being that most of the world used Windows, it kind of made the case for the Mac a little weak. The Macs I got exposed to in my youth didn’t have enough for me. They were cute, but not very useful, so I went on about my days mostly ignoring them. How ironic that a platform whose biggest detractor was a lack of applications, would one day be the world leader in mobile “apps”. Kudos.

It wasn’t until I got wind of the concept of “hackintoshing” that my interest peaked in OS X. Mostly because it was something they’d probably frown upon. A way for me to stick it to ’em for that Antennagate garbage, while still having something familiar to cling to. Only thing is by the time I got around to committing to the project sadly, Stevie passed on. I found myself with no one to rage against.

I read his biography, and though I still kind of feel the same way about Apple, I’ve softened a bit on Jobs. Mostly in that I now know the “why?”. So my project became a tribute, or rather, a burying of the hatchet. It’s why I was so insistent on purchasing a legitimate copy of Lion (see UniBeast post) for my hackintosh. It was very exciting. A new toy to play with, a bold new user experience. Honestly, I haven’t been disappointed yet (except for the whole HDCP compatibility thing). I’ve been swooping and swiping all over the place.

I built a machine that can run all operating systems. And I’m learning that there’s a whole community of Mac users out there that are diligently finding ways out of Apple’s walled garden. I don’t have to drink the kool-aid after all. I can still have choice. I can still stick it to “the man” by using his stuff in ways he didn’t intend. That finally made Apple cool for me. Here’s to the rebels.


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